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An influencer is someone who is recognised as an expert in their industry and has a consistent following. People believe in their opinions, thus their recommendations carry a lot of weight.

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The human race fits the expression "endless possibilities."
Possibilities in terms of creativity and in creation.

Who is an influencer

Anyone can become an influencer; a teenage girl who loves dressing up, a mom who wants to share her parenting style, a fitness enthusiast who wants people to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s about the passion that drives people to share about their life for the betterment of other people.

about inbi

Who We Are

About INBI goal is to establish an executive group of influencers who will win the Influencer  competition by demonstrating their abilities, innovation, and talent to the nation.

Our goal in holding this online competition is to create a network of influencers that are one-of-a-kind and creative in their own manner, and who will push social media influence to the next level by standing out from the masses.

Across all social media channels and cities in India, we are creating a influencer competition platform for influencers to be recognised for their efforts in the industry by giving them equal opportunities to compete in a program that recognises and rewards the best kind of talent.

We are very thrilled to see you in the contest, so just fill out the form below and join us right away.

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